Emerald Energy focuses on project management activities and engineering services support for the offshore energy industry in Ireland

Our Mission

Emerald Energy is a company that enables and delivers sustainable solutions 
for the energy market

Founded by 3 Engineers with a combined +30 years experience in the offshore industry, Emerald Energy are focused on maximising engineering solutions for a sustainable future. We have vast experience delivering projects globally, in various aspects of offshore engineering, having worked in locations such as the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Arabia and West Coast of Africa to name a few.

Our aim is to provide sustainable, carbon neutral solutions to the ever expanding offshore energy market in Ireland, by using local resources and untapped skillsets. The future for offshore energy generation in Ireland is exciting and Emerald Energy aims to be at the forefront of this new venture, enabling renewable energy solutions 

Our Services

Project Management & Engineering

Emerald Energy offers class-leading expertise in Project Management and Engineering

Project Resourcing

Emerald Energy have multiple resource service solutions that can help ensure your project is completed on time

Project Management & Engineering Services

Offshore Wind (Scope Development & Project Management)

Vessel Mobilisations & Quayside Support

Offshore R&M/Inspection Services

Feasability Studies

Fabrications and Sea Fastening

Project Resourcing

Offshore Project Personnel

Project Managers

Project Engineers

Environmental Engineers

Reliability Engineers

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